Nature yields the savor
We excel in the

“Miweli ülke” private enterprise’s products enjoy high appreciation of customers since 2016. Main goal of our company is to closely study the customers and anticipate their demands with high quality products of reasonable prices.

Our Production Strategy

In order to achieve our goal by right production strategies, each product is thoroughly studied by our market experts to meet the demand of consumers, before its full production.

First Product

We experienced the exciting moment of the production of our first product in 2016. Since then we made every effort to further improve the quality and taste of “Hoshvagt” sunflower seeds, which are our first product. The range of our products increased day by day.

Our Production Facility

Our production facility, equipped with modern technology and working conditions, employs 150 workers. All works performed in our facility meet the requirements of domestic and international standards. Please watch the presentation of our facility.


Our products, which gained high appreciation of domestic consumers, were offered to the customers in foreign markets. Our products gained success in foreign sales, as well. We are proud to contribute to our country's economy by making exports. Currently we export our products to Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, UAE and Afghanistan.







You can watch the ads broadcasted in mass media for our products. Watching the ads, please be informed about the news for “Hoshvagt” products.


Our ISO and HALAL conformity certificates guarantee the quality and standards of our products.